Apr 11 - Apr 17, 2014

(Joanna Hogg, Great Britain, 2013, DCP, 104 min)

U.S. premiere!

Britain's pre-eminent excavator of bourgeois angst hones in on a marriage between two professional artists, who may not possess the creativity to keep the artifice of their relationship intact. 

In Joanna Hogg’s third feature, elements of her filmmaking style (architecture and furniture as character, long and uncomfortable takes with a static camera, absent non-diegetic music) track the methodical peeling of an onion of interpersonal relationships, in a claustrophobic exploration into her characters’ fruitless search for peace.

Far from a depressing slog, Exhibition is infused with mordant humor, and is a welcome chance to witness the most accomplished work to date of a film auteur in the making. With real-life artists Viv Albertine and Liam Gillick in raw performances as the two leads, and Hogg regular Tom Hiddleston in a small but pivotal role as the real estate agent handling the sale of their glorious mid-century modern home.

"Hogg has made a consistently intriguing movie" —Seattle Weekly

"Le Corbusier’s famous assertion that a house must be “a machine for living” acquires new force in Exhibition, an exquisitely crafted and thrillingly ambiguous chamber drama" —Cinema Scope

"Can a house with no ghosts somehow still be haunted?" —The Seattle Times

Exhibition Trailer from Ryan Garretson on Vimeo.

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