W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism

Apr 16, 2014

(DuĊĦan Makavejev, Yugoslavia, 1971, 84 min)

Post-screening discussion with Rich Jensen and Allena Gabosch (executive director of the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture)

In what might be the zaniest cinematic rendering of Soviet-Yugoslav-American relations, Serbian maverick Dušan Makavejev employs his characteristic style of associative montage to create a comedic manifesto for sexual revolution. Makavejev collages documentary footage and fiction to create a mashup of American counter-culture, Soviet ideology and Nazi propaganda. 

Roger Ebert gave the film four stars and called Makavejev “the most eclectic, eccentric, impenetrable, jolly anarchist to come out of eastern Europe” in the 1960s.

The screening will be followed by a discussion led by Rich Jensen and Allena Gabosch, executive director of the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture

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