Summer of Flying Fish

Apr 20 - Apr 23, 2014

(Marcela Said, Chile/France, 2013, DCP, 87 min)

El verano de los peces voladores

Marcela Said's first foray into scripted narrative filmmaking after a series of award-winning documentaries focusing on Pinochet's regime sees her mining discreet (but no less politically sensitive) material: indigenous versus inherited legacies in Chile. 

The Mapuche Conflict is refracted through this film drama that pits a well-off white landowner against his hired, native help. A patriarch attempts to vacation with his family in a lakeside home, immune to a history of territorial claims and the escalation of tension from ancestral neighbors who are surviving off the same land.

This impressionistic and lush drama derives subtle but considerable tension from a teenage daughter's point of view, a character who becomes increasingly sympathetic to realities beyond her bourgeois horizon.

"a lush, lyrical study" —The Stranger

"More than a coming-of-age tale, Summer of Flying Fish is about this girl’s awakening to history." —Seattle Weekly

"an atmosphere of tension between different world views" —The Seattle Globalist

THE SUMMER OF FLYING FISH (Trailer) from Jirafa on Vimeo.

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