Jul 07, 2014

(Jerzy Kawalerowicz, DCP, 180 min)

Catered opening night reception at 6pm, hosted by the Seattle Polish Film Festival!

Co-presented with the Seattle Polish Film Festival

An epic film production—including battle scenes featuring thousands of extras and refined choreography—Pharaoh focuses on the story of young Egyptian ruler, Ramses XIII. 

With his young passions, love and idealism, the Pharaoh has to face the cold pragmatism of dealing with the country’s external enemies and internal struggles. After his position is reduced to a figurehead, Ramses fights to regain power (under absolute the control of knowledge exercised by his priests). 

Riddled with psychological, moral and philosophical questions about the nature of power, Pharaoh ultimately rises above large battle scenes and romantic kisses in favor of a deeply meaningful artistic creation. Unfortunately, the German releasing firm that acquired the distribution rights to Pharaoh shortened the film for international release, and then went bankrupt when there was little interest in the truncated version. Now restored to its original form, Pharaoh brandishes its heroism as a weapon, teaching us that noble defeat is better than silence in the face of morally corrupt politics.

  • Join us before this screening at 6pm for our opening night reception, featuring catering and drinks, hosted by the Seattle Polish Film Festival!
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