Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

Jul 05 - Jul 06, 2014

(Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno, France/Iceland, 2006, Blu-Ray, 92 min)

This 360-degree, real-time portrait of soccer superstar Zinédine Zidane is back on our screens (after a sold-out engagement in 2008), just in time for the 2014 World Cup! 

Acclaimed contemporary artists and filmmakers Douglas Gordon (24 Hour Psycho) and Philippe Parreno's unusual film approach focused seventeen synchronized 35mm and HD cameras (equipped with the most powerful zoom lenses ever made) solely on Zidane for the entirety of a soccer match, from the first kick of the ball to the final whistle. 

The result is a startling connection to the sensations, the psychology and the body of the athlete. The film’s brilliant sound design captures the ebb and flow of the stadium crowd (one clue to the game’s activity off-screen), and incorporates an original score by the band Mogwai that emphasizes the calm intensity of the player (and the sport). Something of a mixture between sports film, nature documentary and art portrait, Zidane is a truly unique cinematic experience.

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