Llyn Foulkes One Man Band

Aug 01 - Aug 07, 2014

(Tamar Halpern and Chris Quilty, United States, 2013, DCP, 88 min)

Seattle premiere!

At age 70, L.A. painter and one-man-band musician Llyn Foulkes struggles to be remembered. As he finishes two paintings (one that cost him his marriage), he feverishly works to create deep, three-dimensional 'pictures' that layer real objects and shadows. When no one attends his New York exhibition of new work, he blames himself.

With commentary from Dennis Hopper, we learn Llyn was kicked out of the Ferus Gallery for insulting another artist's work, setting the tone for the next fifty years of his refusal to sell out. Twenty years after performing on the Tonight Show, he plays 'The Machine' alone, a one-man band in both music and art. This intimate portrait of Llyn Foulkes follows his obsessive craft and process for eight years.

"an engrossing. . .portrait of an overlooked artist" —The Seattle Weekly

"a straight talker and an irresistible film subject." —The Hollywood Reporter

LLYN FOULKES ONE MAN BAND - Official Trailer from christopher n quilty on Vimeo.

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