Night Train

Oct 07, 2014

(Jerzy Kawalerowicz, 1959, DCP, 99 min)

New digital restoration!
Co-presented with the Seattle Polish Film Festival
Sponsored by Seattle University

An intimate psychological study and a poetic tale of loneliness, Night Train brings two voyagers together accidentally in a train compartment. The subtle game of emotions—changing from mutual aversion to closeness without hope—is played out against the background of a microcosm of the human experience. 

A coquette, bored with her husband, attempts to seduce every available man; a former prisoner of a concentration camp fights his insomnia; old women go on a pilgrimage; and a skirt-chaser seeks his prey. With the arrival of police searching for a murderer, everything changes. It soon turns out that this seemingly average community is able to behave in a most unforeseen manner. An artistic work of great subtlety, Night Train offers itself open to various interpretations. Part of our series Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema.

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