The Crow + SuperTrash

Oct 29 - Oct 31, 2014

(Alex Proyas, United States, 1994, Blu-ray, 102 min)

20th anniversary screening of The Crow!

Celebrating the release of the new Fantagraphics book by Jacques Boyreau, SuperTrash: Hermaphro Chic, Movie Fetish, 21st Century Anxiety, we present a twentieth anniversary of beloved cult classic The Crow, based on James O'Barr's comic book and starring Brandon Lee.

The Crow has been described as a case of "art imitating death" (James Beradinelli), and unquestionably the extemporaneously staged accidental homicide of Brandon Lee will trip in myth forever—with no small help from the fact that The Crow is an amazing piece of grunge virtuosity. 

Taking the revenge uber alles fetish of the Death Wish franchise and occultly recasting it as the design throes of a gothic, postmodern city-as-beast (a la Blade Runner and Batman), The Crow deserves Roger Ebert's praise of being the "best version of a comic book universe." 

Filled with extreme performances, anguished romance, delicate oblivion and unchecked sadism, The Crow is fundamentally Baudelairian, a graphic poem of dimensions and “undyingness.”

Join us during the Halloween screening for a video introduction from author Jacques Boyreau, with a preview of SuperTrash.

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