Sugar and Skyjelly: Short Films and Live Music

Nov 23, 2014

Director Sarah Jane Lapp in attendance!
Live performance by Skyjelly to follow screening!
Sponsored by the Washington Composers Forum!

"What about the relationship between sweetness and power?" Sarah Jane Lapp's personal essay film Sweetface probes the shadows of sugar and labor, love and power. Tonight's screening is paired with Third Shift by Anthony Simon, where two former sugar refinery workers revisit the building 10 years after its closure. Psycho-blues-noise outfit Skyjelly will play a conclude after the screening.


(Sarah Jane Lapp, United States, 2000-2013, 16mm, 28 min)

"What about the relationship between sweetness and power?" 

Sarah Jane Lapp's personal essay film probes the shadows of sugar and labor, love and power. Oscillating between interviews with striking Domino Sugar workers, her father, and her sweethearts, Lapp documents her own process of making and disseminating a thousand sugar packets, most of which she gave as  gifts to workers at the Domino Sugar Refinery during their twenty-month strike in the early 2000’s.

Sweetface premiered at Uniondocs in Brooklyn, New York and was made possible in part by a Seattle Mayor's Office of Arts & Culture City Arts Grant.

Third Shift
(Anthony Simon, United States, 2013, 20 min)


Once producing half of the nation's sugar, the Domino Sugar Refinery was an icon of the industrial work available in South Williamsburg. Within the year part of the building will be demolished for new housing and the rest renovated for commercial use.

Two former workers who live only blocks away return to their days at Domino and visit the now derelict space that was part of their lives for 30 years.




Skyjelly is a psycho-blues-noise trip from deep in the desert. 

Fan review:

“The 6 Is Silent” would probably be your favorite psychedelic garage rock track of the moment if you only cared to listen!!! Not religiously psychedelic, not devoutly garage rock. Willing to be WEIRD, and take the train just a smidge off the rails (just to give the passengers a little bit of that kick in the gut that they’ve been missing). The vocals are lost to the psychedelia, but the melody remains and is a sweet center to this strange ragged stomper that I think I’m really into. That’s it, I’m a SKYJELLY fan. 

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