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Mar 13, 2015

Happy Hour at 6:30pm, Program at 7pm!

Crowdfunding campaigns are an increasingly crucial stage in the making of short and feature films, webseries, documentaries and other moving image media projects. Seattle area filmmakers and fans do a terrific job of supporting each other's campaigns online. Join the Crowd is a new offline platform for artists to spread the word about their projects, connect with fellow crews and support each other's work. Join the Crowd features short presentations of projects currently in the midst of a campaign, plus a recent crowdfunding Success Story, with the filmmaker on hand to offer wise words to anyone who wants to learn tips and tricks of crowdfunding.

In the spirit of crowdfunding, we strongly recommend giving a minimum of $10 to a featured project--and if you're on the team of a featured project, give to one of your peer projects!


THE PROJECT: The Automat

A documentary film about the phenomena of America’s original & most beloved restaurant chain in NYC & Philadelphia. Through two world wars and the Great Depression, the company continued to grow, enjoying the distinction of being the dominant American restaurant company for at least half a century. Their downfall, which coincided with the rise of fast food and the middle class flight to the suburbs, is a parable of how we once dined happily together sharing our struggles and dreams with strangers.

THE TEAM: Lisa Hurwitz (director/producer), Becki Chandler (associate producer)

THE COSTS: Insurance, equipment rental, permits, transportation, director of photography, transcription, editing 

THE GOAL: $50,000



Blue Bunny is a short film with a big heart. When a young embittered ex-con returns home, he is confronted with the real world pain he left in his wake and must choose between his new freedom and finally taking responsibility for his actions.

THE TEAM: Rick Walters (director), Jenni Prange Boran (writer), Heather Pilder Olson (producer)

THE COSTS: Production, including equipment rental, food, and salaries for the cast and crew. Post-production, to include editing, color and sound correction. And fees to enter this fine film into festivals. 

THE GOAL: $15,000 in 30 days, via Seed&Spark



THE PROJECT: The Boy Who Lived Before

The Boy Who Lived Before is the first narrative feature directed by Stephen Anunson. Cody experiences memories from another life as he and his brother navigates the changing landscapes of Seattle and the online world.  The death of his grandfather pushes him to seek answers from a stranger willing to help him find answers at all costs.

THE TEAM: Stephen Anunson, Samantha Herndon, Alex Lenzi 

Kamaria Daniel, Javier Ortegga,  (and more)

Actors: Neko McHegg Leo McHegg, Colleen Carey, Norman Newkirk 

THE COSTS: Payment is for the filmmakers and artists involved in the projects.

THE GOAL: $4,000




THE PROJECT: Drawing the Tiger

Drawing the Tiger is an intimate documentary portrait of the price one family pays for their golden opportunity.

THE TEAM: Amy Benson, Scott Squire

THE COSTS: finishing funds for sound/color/music and travel costs for premiere 


Success Story

THE PROJECT: Do Elephants Go To Heaven?

THE TEAM: Lousie Hogarth (director), Kari Collins (producer)

THE COSTS: Travel, production, etc.

RAISED: $55,000+

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