My Last Year with the Nuns

Jan 09 - Jan 19, 2015

(Bret Fetzer, 2014, United States, 75 min)

Filmmakers in attendance nightly!
Extended run by popular demand!

The quintessential Capitol Hill coming-of-age story is an adaptation of local thespian Matt Smith’s popular one-man show. Through his animated recollections, Matt brings to life 1960s Capitol Hill, when Roy Street divided populations, nuns ruled with righteous anger, bullies trolled the schoolhouse and the newspaper shack represented the center of adolescent Matt’s social universe. 

"Smith is unsparing—and often hilarious. . .profane details transport us. . .This is regional filmmaking at its most amusing and specific." —Seattle Weekly

"spritely—and, at times, surprisingly disturbing. . .instead of indulging in the typical memoirist's temptation to wallow in his emotions—"This is what I felt and this is how I feel about what I felt"—Smith approaches his past more like an ethnographer, telling us the raw story without moralizing or hand-wringing." —The Stranger

"spirited and inventive. . .consistently fast on its feet" —The Restless Critic

"sharp, funny and sometimes raunchy detail. . .creatively filmed" —The Seattle Times

Trailer - My Last Year with the Nuns from Pressing Pictures on Vimeo.

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