Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Jan 22, 2015

(1928, 70 min)

World premiere live performance!
Festival opening night! 

Don’t miss the boat to the start of Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2015 — it’s one of the most beloved family films ever made! Steamboat Bill, Jr., Keaton’s most farcical and funny feature, tells the story of an accident-prone and bookish son, who must help his burly, redneck steamboat captain father save his business from a rival tycoon. In the process, Keaton performs mind-bending stunts and thrilling physical comedy.

Northwest Film Forum has commissioned Seattle musicians and composers Miles & Karina (Dave Keenan and Nova Devonie) to compose and perform a new score for the film; expect guitar, violin, accordion, banjo, and other instruments.

All ages. Special ticket pricing: $10 Film Forum members/ $12 general admission/ $38 per family of four.

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