Un(dis)sing our Abilities

Dec 13, 2014

(Multiple directors, 81 min)

Pacific Northwest premiere!
18+ only

This screening is closed captioned for HoH/deaf, and includes one movie that is audio described. Please refrain from wearing scents. The screening will be ASL interpreted. 

Featuring a Q&A with the curators and participating artists and filmmakers including Lisa Ganser, Nomy Lamm, Lorin Murphy and Tobi Hill-Meyer. 

Un(dis)sing Our Abilities is an experimental sexplicit short movie showcase and is 18+.

* * * * *

Presented by Periwinkle Cinema, this program explores sensuality, intimacy, safety and consent through the lens of the less-represented. Curated by Lisa Ganser and Lorin Murphy, this screening explores the erotic pleasure and sexual abilities of those of us dissed, dismissed, (mis)labeled, disabled and generally passed over in mainstream queer crowds.

Redefine sexy through sex and sensuality that is healing, empowering and arousing. You'll get turned on by fat, word associate crip and porn, challenge and subvert your notions of gender, sexuality and self, while exposing what it means to “work with what we got (or not).” Experience images of (ourselves) sexually empowered within our own very different and always changing bodies. We tell our stories on film and come together to experience each other's in the dark, then see each other in a new way when the lights come up. 


salt.  water.  caracol.
Mars/Mar Rosas
2014, US, experimental video, sound, 5:13.

Working with the theme of creation stories, “salt. water. caracol.” explores the filmmakers’ personal relationships with their tears, particularly those that come from wounding and trauma, & explores how these same tears can be used as a way to heal from ancestral and colonial trauma, which have all affected many members of their family, particularly through "psychiatric" disabilities (crazy gifts that need cultivation and care).

mihee-nathalie lemoine
2014, Canada, experimental video, sound, 1:41.

100 seconds and 100 grams…  “Hairy is a 100 second video on hairing & therefore masculinizing myself with 100 grams of my own hair…”

Lorin Murphy
2014, US, experimental fetish video, sound, 6:32.

“Shaving/Shorn” is an erotic shaving ritual.

Patricia Berne
2000, US, experimental sexplicit video poem, sound, 2:26.

This erotic short reflects the poetʼs cantor of desire in role play.

In My Own Hands
Crystal Mason
2014, US, experimental sexplicit video, sound, 3:50.

Explores the possibility of self love in the ruins of a society that teaches us to hate ourselves from the cradle to the grave & asks the question, “How do we fight back?”

seeley quest
2014, US, experimental self portrait, sound, 11:03.

a queer's look at layers of exhibitionism, vulnerability, & hir shifting relationship to sexuality & gender through encounters with disability.

Forbidden Acts
Todd Herman featuring Leroy Moore
2006, US, 3 video poem vignettes, sound, 12 minutes.

An engaging glimpse into a black disabled writerʼs exploration of his own sexuality and the limits that social institutions attempt to impose upon its expression. Sweet sperm meets prose in these 3 video poems.

Money Shot Blues & How to Fake Ejaculation
Tobi Hill-Meyer  
2014, US, comic sexplicit video, sound, 10:34

In Money Shot Blues Tobi recalls her brief experience in mainstream shemale* porn and some of the unexpected difficulties she encountered.  How to Fake Ejaculation is a humorously presented short instructional demonstration of several techniques for faking ejaculation on camera.

(*Note: this is a derogatory term & it is not okay to use this word for Tobi or anyone else who does not explicitly choose to use it. It is used here only to describe the industry that has named itself using this term.)

Clark Matthews & Mia Gimp
2013, US, accessible experimental sexplicit movie, sound (with audio description), 5:28

KRUTCH is a steamy, experimental short film exploring perception, sexuality, disability and gender on the streets and sheets of New York City.

Going Here
Courtney Trouble featuring Jiz Lee and Lyric Seal
2014, US, erotic dream sequence, sound, 13:00

In this scene from the unreleased feature Wet Dreams, Lyric and Jiz explore the edges of danger, public sex, experimentation, & lust. This exclusive excerpt is about letting our fantasies take over all else.

Wall of Fire
Lisa Ganser  
2014, US, sexplicit experimental music video, sound, 6:04

Roles switch, paddles hit & control shifts when two fat bodied gender queer women, lovers off camera, push limits of pleasure, penetration & trust, engaged in an afternoon of tender making out and consensual amputee sex. Original Score by Nomy Lamm. This movie was completely underwritten & fully funded by the Smitten Kitten.

scars, ma[p]s, skin
2014, US, experimental, sound, 1:56

Tracing queer of color scars & skin, this film leaves the pleasure to your imagination.

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