A Tale of Winter

Jan 16 - Jan 18, 2015

(Eric Rohmer, 1992, France, DCP, 114 min)

New HD digital restoration! 

A Tale of Winter, one of Eric Rohmer's most genial and audacious films, displays his characteristic delight in surprise and paradox. Winter, not spring, is seen as the season of rebirth and renewal, and its tale begins on a sunny beach.

A young couple, Félicie and Charles, meet while on holiday and fall deeply in love. In a fatal slip, she gives him the wrong address, and, as a result, he disappears from her life. Five years later, Félicie is a hairdresser in the Paris suburbs with a daughter and two lovers. Félicie is one of the most fascinating in Rohmer’s distinguished line of heroines: impulsive, independent, thoughtlessly frank, disarmingly sincere, at once exasperating and enchanting.

“Eric Rohmer is the romantic philosopher of the French New Wave, the director whose characters make love with words as well as flesh… He is at once a realist (his characters behave as people actually do) and a practitioner of subtle magic realism...” –Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“This is Rohmer at his very best, effortlessly and unsentimentally charting the absurd complexities of human psychology... It has, as ever, enormous compassion, wit and insight, and its ending is exquisitely affecting.” –Time Out London

“…tender, exquisitely graceful…nearly perfect.” –Washington Post

"The late Eric Rohmer had a knack for investing soap-opera configurations—love triangles, extramarital affairs—with complexity and surprise." —The Stranger

A TALE OF WINTER (Conte d'hiver)--Official US Trailer from J. Howell on Vimeo.

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