Fort McMoney

Feb 19, 2015

Live game (RPG) and viewing, plus discussion! 
Co-presented with UW-Bothell

Fort McMoney is a documentary game that offers players an immersive, interactive portal into the world’s largest oil sands and accompanying boomtown in northern Canada. By giving players access to the town’s residents and an ingenious virtual public sphere (in the form of of referendum voting that shapes the course of the town’s future), French journalist and web doc director David Dufresne (Prison Valley) explores new terrain in his latest work of multi-platform storytelling. 

“Capitalism is the biggest game in the world,” Dufresne told The New York Times. “Everyone plays it every day. And Fort McMurray is the most capitalist city in the world. That’s why we call it ‘Fort McMoney.’” We will explore Fort McMoney together in the cinema, with democratic discussion steering the course of gameplay. Co-presented with UW-Bothell’s Participatory Media course. Special ticket pricing: $6 general admission.

Fort McMoney (Trailer) from National Film Board of Canada on Vimeo.

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