Shredder Orpheus

Feb 27, 2015

(Robert McGinley, 1989, United States, 35mm, 90 min)

35mm print!
Director, cast and crew in attendance!
Pre-show live performance by The Subpoenaed Lemur Vocoder Orchestra!

Seattle’s first and only skate rock opera shreds its way out of the depths of hell for a rare 35mm screening. 

On the Boards founding artistic director Robert McGinley wrote, directed and starred in this late '80s rendition of the Greek myth, alongside familiar Seattle art staples like Megan Murphy, Jesse Bernstein and skate fixture Marshall Reid. 

The Euthanasia Broadcast Network, a nefarious television station run by overlord Hades, is brainwashing the city. It’s up to guitar-slinging skater Orpheus and his merry band of misfits to stop Hades and his minions. 

Both zeitgeisty '80s camp and eerily prescient commentary on Seattle’s continuous affordable housing dilemma, this gem of Seattle cultural history is taken to the next level by its wicked punk soundtrack. 

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