Apr 12, 2015

35mm print!
‘70s Style Brunch, hosted by Civilization Creative Director Gabriel Stromberg! 
Complimentary mimosas sponsored by Juicebox and bagels sponsored by Eltana!

Roger Ebert wrote that Woody Allen proved to be “astonishingly assured in his first drama.” Nominated for five Oscars, including Best Actress, and (saliently) for ByDesign, Best Art Direction, Allen's first foray away from comedy also reveals the strongest Bergman influence of any of his films. 

Geraldine Page was nominated for Best Actress for her portrayal of Eve, an interior director and mother of three children: Renata the poet, (Diane Keaton), Flyn the actress (Kristin Griffith), and Joey the directionless daughter (Mary Beth Hurt). When Arthur, the family patriarch (E.G. Marshall) leaves Eve, the family is thrown into disarray. 

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