Jun 15, 2015

(Cauleen Smith, 1998, United States, 86 min)

Paired with our run of Losing Ground by Kathleen Collins, Drylongso examines femininity and African-American identity in 1990s Oakland. A standout at Sundance in 1998, it charts one young woman's search for a cohesive identity in impossibly complicated surroundings. An art student named Pica strives to make sense of her troubled home life through her street photography and her friendships. Director Cauleen Smith shot this first feature while still a student, under the tutelage and creative influence of Angela Davis and Trin T. Minh-ha. 


“The work of a distinctive filmmaker” - Oliver Jones, Variety

“A powerful tribute to the strength of African-American culture.” - Arthur Borman, Rovi



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