Tenet: Daisy Heroin VHS Release

Jun 26, 2015

Daisy Heroin is the moniker of Colin Dawson, known for his guitarist gigs with Haunted Horses and Stickers. Having long desired to create atmospheric film scores, Dawson made a VHS tape called Art Show. Tonight we screen it alongside a brand new project, Tenet, which Dawson describes thusly:

“Tenet is a psychedelic experience erupting from the womb of the digital void in a projection of light traversing from the conception of philosophy, to the manifestation of form. Like the kundalini rising in the spine, Tenet draws creative essence from the audience in its multisensory ocean of creation, and bursts surreality into the crumbling reality of limit. This story of love illuminates its proclamation that it ‘truly wants you to believe in magick.’” 
“...With their surreal irreverence for pop-culture effluvia and high art, [Dawson’s stop-motion videos] recall the work of Paper Rad, Black Dice and Monty Python’s Flying Circus animator Terry Gilliam. Dawson’s style of jerky movements, stream of hallucinatory absurdities and stimuli overload complements the clips’ supremely strange and abstract electronic music, which he also composes under the handle T.”
-Dave Segal, The Stranger
Special Ticket Pricing: $8 General

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