Our Lives in Google

Jul 27, 2015

(Adam Sekuler, United States, 2015, 24 min)

Filmmaker in attendance!
Live performance!

My Life In Google is a landscape film using the archive of Google Earth, Google Street View and Google Maps to create a personal memoir landscape film/live performance. Using Google locative media, a nearly complete index of every street in the world, the project mines the archive’s navigational functions, capturing its library of images to index my homes. Mixed with songs, sounds sourced from the web, and a live reading of a personal memoir/essay, the work examines themes of memory, nostalgia, and technology in order to geo-locate a descriptive genealogy, historical non-fiction, and travel journal of a life.

After the screening and performance, the audience and filmmaker will embark together on an interactive excavation of the forgotten histories and topographies of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Come armed with memories to map and construction sites to plunder.

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