Jul 18, 2015

(Joseph Losey, 1968, UK, 35mm, 113 min)

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35mm print!
Introduction by Steven Fried!

Burton and Taylor come together in their most ignominious onscreen appearance: Boom! A critical and box-office disaster, this epic of camp cinema unites the biggest actors (Burton, Taylor, along with Noel Coward) with the biggest writers (Tennessee Williams) to churn out a steamy train-wreck. Nonsensical dialogue, outrageous sets and costumes, and Hollywood's most famous lovers playing caricatures of themselves. What more could you ask for? Elizabeth Taylor is a sultry, medusa-haired wealthy widow. Richard Burton is the brooding, penniless poet who mysteriously appears on her private island. Both actors appear to be mildly intoxicated throughout as they act out their tabloid dramas with a tongue-in-cheek zest that’s not to be missed. 

"Beyond bad. It’s the other side of camp. It’s beautiful, atrocious, and it’s perfect. It’s a perfect movie, really, and I never tire of it.”  -John Waters

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