Not on Netflix: Polk County Pot Plane

Jul 22, 2015

(Jim West, 1977, United States, VHS, 90 min)

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One Night Only!


POLK COUNTY POT PLANE (aka IN HOT PURSUIT) isn't just an undiscovered trash cinema gem about a couple of good ol' boys tryna stick it to the man. It's also a spectacularly singular piece of regional exploitation. Based on a true and completely ridiculous event in which a plane full of weed landed on a makeshift runway on top of a Georgia mountain, enacted by locals on the original locations with the actual airplane involved (hence it getting its own credit), with relatively no money and a nearly entirely non-professional cast and crew (including stuntmen, which the credits promise there were none of). French New Wave legend Jacques Rivette famously once said that "Every film is a documentary of its own making," and if that's true then this is not just a document of an event and its filmed reenactment but of the birth of a local legend. This may be amateurish, silly, and cheaply made, but no amount of money or talent in the world could make it a more amazing movie.

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