Miracle Mile

Jul 31, 2015

(Steve De Jarnatt, United States, 35mm, 87 min)


Happy hour and DVD signing with Steve at 6:30pm!
35mm print!

Co-presented with Scarecrow Video


Miracle Mile occupies a special place among Hollywood genres: the LA romantic-nuclear-apocalypse at the high water mark of 80s style. Writer-director Steve De Jarnatt spent years having his lauded script stuck in Hollywood production limbo before he took the reins himself and created this cult classic.

The result is a surprising, critically lauded film that effortlessly sweeps you from the giddiness of love-at-first-sight to the utter terror of apocalypse. A great starring turn by Anthony Edwards (Zodiac, Top Gun) lends heart to De Jarnatt’s taut script. This is an LA of kitschy landmarks, awash in yuppies and punks, a world that giddily descends into looting and anarchy when the end looms large.
With writer-director Steve De Jarnatt in attendance, this is a one-night chance to get a personal look into one of the most unique American indie films ever created.

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