Tubs Film Challenge

Aug 18, 2008

After our successful Actress(es) Film Challenge, in which we asked local filmmakers to all use the same actresses in their films, we’ve decided to ask what would happen if all of Seattle’s filmmakers used the same location for a film. Enter DK Pan, a former Northwest Film Forum volunteer and local artist, who has taken up residence in the former Tubs building in the U-District. Stripped bare of its sparkling acrylic spas and hydro-therapy jets, the setting is perfect - whether you’re looking to conjure images of its steamy past, or use the barren empty space as an apocalyptic setting for the future. Our only request is that your film be shot in this location and last no longer than 5 minutes! To reserve the space contact Adam Sekuler at [email protected] Submissions can be made on DVD, super-8, 16mm, or 35mm and are due to NWFF on August 4

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