In Jackson Heights

Nov 20 - Nov 26, 2015

(Frederick Wiseman, 2015, USA, 190 min)

Seattle Premiere!
Introduction by Charles Mudede on Friday at 3pm!

Jackson Heights is the most diverse community in New York, and consequently, in competition for the same title on a national scale. Home to Little India, Little Colombia, Little Bangladesh and a tapestry of others, occupied by a majority foreign-born population. Frederick Wiseman, fresh off his triumphant documentaries NATIONAL GALLERY and LA DANSE, turns his lens on this neighborhood to capture the essence of American as a melting pot. In classic Wiseman style, the camera is an unobtrusive observer, avoiding interviews, narration, lighting schemes or added music. Instead the audience is transported wholly to the eclectic scenes that make up this utterly unique community: recent arrivals preparing for citizenship tests, the neighborhood on its annual parade, workers rallying for their rights, immigrants protesting deportations. The tableau composed is as diverse as the neighborhood, and comes together to capture the complexities of modern America, and the enduring potency of the American dream.

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