Marlow's Cabinet of Curiosities

Nov 22, 2015

(1942-2014, approx. 95min., 16mm + video)

The beguiling and the surreal. The forbidden and arcane. These are the remarkable treasures hidden within the Paracme archives. Join curator (and Fandor founder) Jonathan Marlow as he ventures forth from the mysterious basement bringing rarely seen works by [presumably] Jan Svankmajer, Karel Zeman, Owen Land, Lotte Reiniger, Jan Lenica, Peter Tscherkassky, Yuri Norstein, Robert Nelson, Walerian Borowczyk and other legendary filmmakers.


Film Program

Bleu Shut (1971) dir. Robert Nelson

The Tocher [The Hidden Treasure] (1937) dir. Lotte Reiniger

Verwitterte Melodie  [Weather-Beaten Melody] (1943) dir. Hans Fischerkoesen

Le chant du styrene [The Song of Styrene] (1958) dir. Alain Resnais

Die Nashörner [Rhinoceros] (1963) dir. Jan Lenica

Rakvickarna [The Coffin House] (1966) dir. Jan Svankmajer

Yozhik v humane [Hedgehog in the Fog] (1975) dir. Yuri Norstein

Toutes des connes [Life's a Bitch] (2014) dir. Francois Jaros

New Improved Institutional Quality (1976) dir. Owen Land


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