The Winding Stream

Nov 27 - Nov 30, 2015

(Beth Harrington, 2014, WA, 91 min)

 Filmmaker in attendance Friday and Saturday!

Considered to be the fountainhead of all country music, A.P. Carter and his wife, along with his sister-in-law, would become a phenomenon that would sweep across the nation. As the earliest stars in American Roots music, the Carter Family pulled at the strings of folk in a way that would forever change the way country music was perceived and played, contributing to music movements throughout the century. With studio performances from such names like Johnny and June Carter Cash, George Jones, and Sheryl Crow, The Winding Stream inspects the history of the Carter family and the origins of country music. 
Director, writer, and producer Beth Harrington has worked on other music documentaries, such as Welcome to the Club - The Women of Rockabilly, a documentary telling the story of the women who pioneered rock and roll, and has been a 2003 Grammy Award Nominee.

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