Phoebe’s Father

Dec 08, 2015

(John Helde, 2015, United States, 95 min)

Pre-screening playing by Gretchen Yanoverelectric cello at 6:45!
Director John Helde and cast & crew in attendance for Q&A!

Phoebe’s finally found something that lights her fire: cycling. But when she encounters her father, Ben, after a long estrangement, their meeting uncovers wounds that never healed. Ben, an x-ray technician facing his own medical problems, wants to reconnect. Phoebe’s brother Whit makes awkward attempts to reunite everyone, arranging the first family meal in years, but Phoebe only presses Ben about her lost mother, an artist who disappeared when Phoebe was ten. In doing so, she opens a vein of loss that divides the family. When Phoebe finds a friend in her landlady, an accountant with her own family issues, she’s able to confront the loss she’s held inside for years. She sets her sights on racing competitively, pushing herself harder and faster. But the old evasions don’t work anymore, and Phoebe finds she has to face her father - and the truth of growing up - head on.

Phoebe's Father Trailer from Lars Larson DP on Vimeo.

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