Dec 04 - Dec 06, 2015

(Panos H. Koutras, Belgium, France, Greece, 2014, 123 min)

Dany is a colorful gay 15-year-old who’s adrift in life. After his mother’s death, he leaves home with only his pet rabbit to find his older brother Odysseas in Athens. Born to an Albanian mother and a long-gone Greek father, the brothers find themselves lost, strangers in their own country. Dany hatches a plan for a cross-country road trip to reunite with their supposedly wealthy father, while simultaneously convincing Ody to audition for a national talent competition with a song by Italian camp idol Patty Pravo. Mixed with a touch of surrealism, Xenia is a visually engaging adventure of two brothers who are finding out that the best way through life is with each other. 

Description courtesy of Three Dollar Bill Cinema

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