Noma: My Perfect Storm

Jan 08 - Jan 14, 2016

(Pierre Deschamps, United Kingdom, DCP, 90 min)

Introduction on Tuesday by Jonathan Sajda, Program Manager at Nordic Heritage Museum

Named World’s Best Restaurant for the fourth time in 2014, Danish chef René Redzepi’s Noma is an unlikely success story. When the modest Copenhagen restaurant opened in 2003, its commitment to using only locally sourced ingredients required some seriously out-of-the-box thinking about cooking, and about what food should and could be. In the kitchen, Redzepi encourages foraging and wild experimentation in his quest to reinvent the Nordic culinary vocabulary, and his unconventional approach is reflected in Noma’s menu. Of course, these days we expect such radical gastronomic vision to come with an equally boundary-pushing personality, and in Redzepi’s case, we get it. Pierre Deschamps’ new documentary is a portrait of the artist in the face of renown he never expected, and the ability of the highest form of recognition to transform expectations.

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