Children of the Civil Rights

Jan 16, 2016

(Julia Clifford, 2014, United States, 53 min)

Seattle premiere!

Filmmakers in attendance for Q&A and post-screening reception

No one knew that a group of children in Oklahoma City were heroes; not even the children themselves. For six years, a group of kids went into restaurants and asked for service. It never got violent; it never made national news; but, together, they turned around every restaurant, except one, before the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Fifty years later, Children of the Civil Rights shares their six year odyssey to freedom. Congressman John Lewis and Julian Bond dive deeper into the national movement's history. It is a reflection of the past that turns into a mirror for today's young to see; it is they who will change the world.

Children of the Civil Rights, Film Trailer from Binary Bob on Vimeo.

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