Iraqi Odyssey

Feb 05 - Feb 08, 2016

(Samir, Switzerland, 2014, DCP, 162 min)

Switzerland's Official Submission for the 88th Academy Awards
Seattle Premiere!

"For American audiences Iraqi Odyssey will be a revelation."

— New York Times 


"Iraqi Odyssey is one of the more breathless documentaries in recent memory."

— Village Voice


"A personal, insightful and beautifully made film...I was spellbound in front of the screen." 

— Huffington Post


“My father told my mother he never wanted to see his children wearing two things – a turban or a military uniform... both of them want to enslave men, one by force of arms, and the other by power of ideology.” Thus Sabah Jamal Aldin explains his father’s guiding philosophy, which would ultimately lead their family into the political underground of Iraq, through three generations of war, violence and oppression. Filmmaker Samir’s once middle class Iraqi family, a victim of the torrent of political movements that swept through their country, was forced to leave Iraq to settle throughout the far corners of the world. Through interviews and personal accounts, Samir recalls the tumultuous history of a nation that forced his family and so many others out of their homeland. His documentary is an important record of a story that is far too common, yet too little known.


Iraqi Odyssey (Official Trailer) from TypecastReleasing on Vimeo.

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