Chat Room

Feb 11, 2016

Happy hour at 6pm in the lobby

How has the Internet distributed power between the artist and the audience?

What does intellectual property law mean in the age of screenshots and Tumblr reposts?
Who are all of these "sad boy" net artists, and why are the boys so sad?
Chat Room is a quarterly forum on art in the age of the Internet, with a new topic for each edition. Chat Room aims to demystify the fundamental questions about art and its broader place in society in a playful and approachable manner. Expect Powerpoint presentations, serious discussion, games, and A-ha moments worthy of Oprah.
Join us for the inaugural edition of Chat Room, on the topics of value, labor and the quantification of art work.
Join Chat Room for discussion with: 
James Coupe, an artist who works with installation, video, internet and public art, exploring themes of surveillance, privacy, and most recently, crowdworking. His work has been exhibited worldwide, including venues such as Camden Arts Centre, ZKM and the Henry Art Gallery.
Dorothy Howard, a researcher and writer on digital and immaterial labor, a former Wikimedia-in-Residence, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Arachne, a webzine about mythology and the Internet.
Christopher Paul Jordan, a PNW born digital designer and muralist specializing in large scale public works and co-director of Tacoma based youth organization Fab-5.
Christ Bell and Sienna Shields, members of HOWDOYOUSAYYAMINAFRICAN, a collective of artists, writers, composers, academics, filmmakers and performers from around the world who collaborate across disciplines and cities.
(pre-recorded) Working Artists of the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.), A New York-based activist organization focused on regulating the payment of artist fees by nonprofit art institutions.
Chat Room is organized and hosted by Minh Nguyen and produced by Claire Buss. Visit for more information. 

**Discounted tickets available: contact [email protected]**


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