The Man Who Fell To Earth

Feb 03, 2016

(Nicolas Roeg, 1976, United Kingdom, DCP, 139 min)

 Introduction by Sean Nelson, Arts Editor for The Stranger

The incomparable David Bowie’s first starring film role was appropriately otherworldly: Bowie plays an extraterrestrial who finds himself on Earth while on a quest for water to take back to his home planet. It doesn’t take him long to rise among the corporate Earthling ranks as a successful businessman. But his business acumen and secret identity quickly land him in trouble with his rivals and the government. The Man Who Fell to Earth is a wildly imaginative and visually provocative work of science fiction, featuring incredible performances by Bowie, along with Rip Torn, Candy Clark, and Buck Henry. 
Screens with Landing Ship X-1, directed by Dave Hanagan. 

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