Hadwin's Judgment

Feb 27 - Feb 28, 2016

(Sasha Snow, Canada, 2015, 87 min)

‘Hadwin’s Judgment’ is a spellbinding and visually stunning account of environmentalism, obsession and myth set in Canada’s Pacific Northwest.

The film chronicles the tormented transformation of Grant Hadwin from expert logger to environmental terrorist, a man who dared to challenge the destruction of the world’s last great temperate rainforest.

Hadwin’s one man crusade culminated in a perverse and outrageous act of protest that was, in itself, a crime against nature.

The film interweaves speculation, myth and reality to explore his motives, taking us on a journey into the dark heart of resource extraction, a journey that ends with a mysterious discovery that made Hadwin not just a madman, but also a visionary.

Inspired by the award-winning book ‘The Golden Spruce’ by John Vaillant, ‘Hadwin’s Judgement’ has received two nominations for the Canadian Screen Awards 2016, for Best Feature Documentary and for Best Cinematography. 

“A gorgeously photographed, compulsively watchable and deeply sympathetic film that avoids dates, maps and biography in favour of myth and mystery.” –Globe & Mail
“The heart fluctuates from wonder to anger, a magnificent, intriguing and painful film.” –Seoul Green Film Festival Selection Jury

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