I Am A Knife With Legs

Feb 10, 2016

(Bennett Jones, United States, 2014, 83 min)

Seattle premiere!

A clueless, arguably delusional Euro pop star goes into hiding in Los Angeles after a fatwa is declared against him because of his song “All Religion is Stupid, Especially Yours.”
This musical-comedy mishmash takes Euro pop to the next level. Comedian Bennett Jones’s alter ego “Bené” (think Flight of the Conchords with a smidge of Borat) himself seems more concerned with chocolate éclairs, showing off his abs without having to take his shirt off, and French ex-girlfriend “Baguette,” than any attempts on his life. Interspersed with random musical numbers whose lyrics are more free association than written verses, and video graphics reminiscent of the early, early days of MTV, the film is exactly as nonsensical as its title suggests. Seven years and “hundreds of dollars” in the making, I Am a Knife With Legs defies expectations, and logic.

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