Love Between the Covers

Mar 06 - Mar 09, 2016

(Laurie Kahn, United States, 2015, Blu-ray, 85 min)

Seattle premiere!
Skype Q&A with director Laurie Kahn on March 6th

Seattle premiere
Though scarcely acknowledged in the literary world, romance fiction is a billion-dollar-a-year industry, and it is driven almost exclusively by women. Perhaps a surprising place to find feminism, the romance novel has the potential to empower both reader and creator. In its pages some find validation, some a welcome representation of diverse notions of femininity, and to some working in the trade, romance provides a substantial, independent living.

Laurie Kahn’s documentary explores the community of women from both sides of the industry, brought together by their common passion. Women in all aspects of the field discuss their introductions to and experiences with the world of romance, confront taboos associated with the genre, and defend the role of “happily ever after” in modern fiction.

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