Work in Progress

Apr 08, 2016

(Adam Sekuler, 2015-?, HD)

Filmmaker in attendance! Join us for post-screening drinks at the Cloud Room

Labor is what we do by the hour but its progress sets its own pace. Work In Progress is an extreme example of this. On the surface it's a film that looks at labor: paid and unpaid, material and immaterial, examining the convergence between the worker and the consumer. But it's also an examination of production, over time. It's a film not just about labor now, but labor over the course of a lifetime. With no two screenings being the same, the project adapts and evolves to the time when it screens. The act of documenting and presenting the work itself becomes a long-term endeavor, a long term laboring. Shot over the course of a filmmaker’s lifetime, through two-minute segments, the film examines the rhythms of labor and how they express themselves in the processes, facilities, and durations of the act.

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