Bleak Street

Apr 08 - Apr 10, 2016

(Arturo Ripstein, Mexico/Spain, 2015, DCP, 99 min)

Seattle Premiere

Crime drama flirts with the absurd in this impossibly true story of the accidental murders of two Mexican mini-luchadores in 2009. The film introduces two brothers, both little people who work as miniature mascots for their oversized luchador counterparts, and the two aging prostitutes who, when trying simply to drug and rob the men, accidentally overdose and kill them.
Bleak Street offers a portrait of marginalized characters in the environment that created them, told in the masterful style of Mexican auteur Arturo Ripstein. Their collective tragedy gains depth through the context of the families, neighbors and others who exist in their shared space, the street. Shot in high-contrast, moody black and white, with its strange, Felliniesque collection of characters, the film’s darkness is tempered with real beauty and humanity.


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