Silver Ochre: Who Are US 2016

May 28, 2016

Observations from the 21st century American road

"An absolutely unique experience - for film, for art, for music." - Joel Layton (director of Art House Cinema 502 in Ogden - the smallest movie house in the country!)

Silver Ochre: Who Are US 2016 is an ever-evolving reflection of the USofA by two perpetually traveling artists. 

From March to November, 2016, Thollem Electric and ACVilla are touring throughout the lower 48 states gathering visual footage and sonic influences, weaving them together in an attempt to capture the essence of this country at this moment in time.

They are screening and sharing the results as they go, rotating new footage into the existing version along their way, an ever evolving movie accompanied by a live soundtrack. 

The movie focuses the eye on the myriad points where people meet each other and their environment, a panoply of the unique and the common, the humorous and the tragic, every day idiosyncrasies and abstractions, undercurrents, hidden agendas and extreme creativity.

The music is inspired by a lifetime of traveling throughout the US, weaving together elements from different sources of this extremely multi-cultural country. Thollem will also be performing the developing score throughout this tour both with and separate from the movie.

This is a quest guided by questions with no precise answers:

Who Are US?  How do we find out?

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"One of the most amazing events we've ever had" - Steve Sumner (Director at Evergreen Center For The Arts)

“A fresh sight & sound take on the road trip and all points, people & things in between.” 
- Keif Henley (Guild Cinema - Albuquerque, NM)

"Much like the evolution of each iteration of the performance, the experience leaves the audience revolving and evolving in thought." 
- Markus Hunt (Director at The Logan School for Creative Learning in Denver)

“Thollem, an intense and virtuosic keyboard improviser” -TimeOut, New York

"Thollem does what few can: He combines extreme imagination with terrific post-classical chops and an ability to communicate through melody... a fresh, disciplined  avant-keyboardist with an attractively extreme viewpoint." -Greg Burk, LA Weekly

Special Ticket Pricing: $15 General, $12 for Film Forum Members

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