Jul 29 - Jul 31, 2016

(Ondi Timoner, US, 2004, 35mm, 107 min)

Timoner’s fascinating documentary is the stuff of rock n' roll, an entirely entertaining tale filled with over-sized egos, temper tantrums, substance abuse, out-of-control parties and creative differences. At the heart of Dig! are two bands, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols, who are followed over the course of seven years. Along the way they confront inevitable highs and lows as the destinies of each band chart differently. As the film opens in 1996 The Dandys have just signed with Capitol Records and BJM is about to be locked into a major-label bidding war. Charismatic and vitriolic BJM frontman Anton Newcombe shifts from embracing the Courtney Taylor-led Dandy Warhols to becoming mired in spite and jealousy over their success. Failure and megalomania abound in this post-Alternative music world.
“Things go consistently, relentlessly wrong, and instead of an inspiring making-of-the-band film, Timoner gives us a chronicle of misguided aspirations and failure. The movie has become a kind of highway-safety film for the rock community — bootleg copies were said to be a precious commodity on tour buses this summer.” -- James Barber, Slate

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