White Star

Jul 20 - Jul 21, 2016

(Roland Klick, West Germany, 1983, DCP, 92 min)

In the lost years between Out of the Blue and Blue Velvet, an unhinged Dennis Hopper starred in this wildly unknown downfall tale, White Star. Hopper gives a terrifying, coke-infused and heavily improvised performance as seedy concert promoter Ken Barlow, whose claim to fame is being the Rolling Stones’ tour manager. Barlow aims to get his new synth-punk protege Moody to the top of the charts - by any means necessary. Set in the musical underground of West Berlin, Klick’s White Star paints the divided city awash with subcultural dwellers - punks, squatters, musicians and late-night revellers. Presentation made possible by the cultural assistance of the Goethe Institute of San Francisco.

"The emotionally most demanding film I've ever made, and therefore the most dangerous one - for me." - Dennis Hopper 

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