Roger Corman Double Feature: Ski Troop Attack & Monster from the Ocean Floor

Oct 22, 2016

Ski Troop: (Roger Corman, US, 1960, 16mm, 63 min)
Monster: (Wyatt Ordung, US, 1954, 16mm, 64 min)

Featuring an introduction by Professor Fred Hopkins, TV & Radio personality and SchlockMeister extraordinaire!

Having produced or directed over 400 films in a 60 year Hollywood film career, Roger Corman turned 90 earlier this year. Join us for a 16mm double-feature screening of two of his classic, low-budget, drive-in features: Monster from the Ocean Floor and Ski Troop Attack.

Set on the Mexican seashore, Monster from the Ocean Floor features an American tourist convinced that she’s seen a sea monster. It was Corman’s first film production in 1954. Using $12,000 cobbled together from various sources, the film was shot in six days and sold for $110,000. Corman’s 1960 Ski Troop Attack focuses on a crack squad of US Army ski commandos on a mission deep behind enemy lines to stop a shipment of German munitions in WWII. Roger Corman and his brother Gene shot both Ski Troop Attack and The Beast from the Haunted Cave during the same ten-day period in Deadwood, South Dakota using the same cast and crew for both films! Keep an eye out for Roger Corman in an uncredited role as the German ski troop commander. 

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