Nov 18, 2016

(Miguel Llansó, Ethiopia / Spain / Finland, 2015, DCP, 68 min)

Seattle premiere!

The best apocalyptic settings are enigmatic. Where not only human society, but even the rules of reality seem to have been cracked open and reassembled in the wrong order. Crumbs, a striking new post-apocalyptic film, falls into this category, while offering a unique, visually arresting slant on what the world looks like post-civilization. The film follows a scavenger (Daniel Tadesse) as he sets out on a quest to provide for his beloved (Selam Tesfaye) through a blasted, fascinatingly evocative Ethiopian landscape.

Crumbs’ sparse inhabitants live under the shadow of a rusted, hovering tower-like spaceship, and speak offhandedly of a great war, of feared warriors, and of the mythical figures from a time before – our time. Trekking through abandoned and intermittently verdant landscapes, Tadesse’s protagonist, shambling persistently on his twisted limbs, is both sympathetic and as odd as his world.

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