Zona Intangible

Nov 30, 2016

(Ann Hedreen & Rustin Thompson, US, 2016, 77 min)

Directed by Emmy award-winning filmmakers Ann Hedreen and Rustin Thompson, the feature-length documentary Zona Intangible shows how one act of generosity can ripple forward and backward through time, improving life in a Peruvian community founded on nothing but resilience and hope. Refugees fleeing the Shining Path terrorists build a new city called Manchay on the edge of Lima, where a gift from an American family funds construction of the city’s first modern health clinic, inspiring other donors to send medical supplies. Against great odds, the clinic has thrived for 13 years. Through both a personal and global lens, Zona Intangible introduces a network of teachers, volunteers, medical professionals–and one very determined priest–who help these refugees carve a new life from an abandoned gravel pit in one of the world’s most sprawling megacities.

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