Zero Film Festival Tour

Feb 28, 2009

The 1st annual Zero Film Festival is the first festival of its kind.  It is designed to showcase zero budget films and open the door to original and innovative works from DiY filmmakers who have inspiration and dedication (but no budget), that are typically overlooked by the mainstream festival circuit.

In an age where the majority of festivals are Hollywood marketing campaigns, and even "indie" and "underground" festivals screen financed films, Zero Film Festival offers something different. The tour recognizes authentically independent films and filmmakers who take risks and fight the odds to see their visions through.

7pm Show:

Chi Si Ferma E Perduto [He Who Stops Is Lost] (Giacomo Cesari, Italy, Bolivia, 25 min)
The story begins when a Bolivian shoe-shiner with a missing left foot hears the voice of a mysterious man talking about an ancient rooster who knows where his left foot is buried.
Cesari is an award winning Italian avant garde filmmaker.  This event marks his first Seattle screening.

Journey Green Forest (Richard Wellington, Seattle, 75 min)
"I set out to make an honest film. I had one rule, accept everything. I wanted the film to belong to the moment, the camera to capture life as it unfolded. I used no actors, everyone in the film appeared as themselves. I wanted the story to speak for itself, I refused to hold the viewers hand, to follow a static formula killing any individuality and faults any true story is composed of." -Director's Statement

9pm Show:

Inside Every Moment Is Another Moment
(Kacey Morrow, Bellingham, 5 min)

Cafe Cut - Undone (Jane Meuter, Seattle, 3 min, 7 min)

Alpha Maybe (Steven Strauss, New York, 78 Min)
Bored, baby-sitter Annette begins a relationship with the teenage son of the single parent father who hired her. Josh tries to backtrack out his relationship when he finds out the girl he tells he love is pregnant. Plot-lines intersect to paint a picture of which sex has control over the other, and how ever-changing circumstances play for the upper-hand. Balance is out of the question.


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