Waiting for Sancho

Apr 24 - Apr 26, 2009

(Mark Peranson, Canada, 2008, DigiBeta, 105 min)

Director in attendance April 24!

Cinemascope founding editor Mark Peranson has created an intimate, dignified and humorous tracing of the interplay between Albert Serra, his nonprofessional actors, and his dedicated crew while shooting the film Bird Song (playing NWFF April 24-27). The result is an immersive, intimate look into the process and elements of filmmaking. Filmed over five days in the Canary Islands, Bird Song is entirely improvised and based on a 30-page outline. The film (which features Peranson in the role of Joseph) saw the crew traverse scorching deserts, climb the highest mountain in Spain, and hike through rocky plains in an environment of barely controlled anarchy. Waiting for Sancho is an experimental "making-of" that filmmaking process.

Watch the trailer:

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