Pig Hunt

Mar 24, 2009

Presented in association with The Rumpus

Join us for the Seattle launch of The Rumpus, a new daily online culture magazine, and the first Seattle screening of Pig Hunt.

"Perhaps the finest horror film to have been made this year," according to Eye For Film. Pig Hunt is the tale of a Guy's Weekend of hunting gone wrong in the backwoods of Northern California, set amidst the chaos of marijuana, meth, rednecks, and a killer cult that worships a legendary 3,000 pound wild boar called "The Ripper."

Hosted by author and editor of The Rumpus, Stephen Elliott. Rumpus contributor Ryan Boudinot will give a reading before the film and director Jim Isaac and writer/producer Robert Mailer Anderson will answer questions following the screening. The party will continue across the street at the Vermillion art gallery.

6 p.m. Happy Hour at Vermillion, 1508 11th Ave

7 p.m. Screening of "Pig Hunt," preceded by a short reading by Ryan Boudinot

Following the film, director Jim Isaac and writer producer Robert Mailer Anderson will take questions.

9:30 p.m. Post-screening party at Vermillion


Stephen Elliott is the author of seven books, including the acclaimed novel Happy Baby. He is the editor of the new online daily culture magazine, The Rumpus.

Ryan Boudinot is the author of The Littlest Hitler and a forthcoming novel called Misconception. His blog about film, The Eyeball, can be found on therumpus.net. He lives in Seattle.

TheRumpus.net (www.therumpus.net) is a new online magazine, focusing on culture, rather than "pop culture." Updated ten to fifteen times a day, TheRumpus provides original reviews of books, music, and film, interviews with Malcolm Gladwell, The Twisted Monk, Bill Ayers, Bucky Sinister, Al Franken, T Cooper, Tristan Taormino and others, as well as original essays by Steve Almond, Robin Romm, Michelle Tea, and others, and blogs by Rick Moody, Bitchy Jones, Ryan Boudinot, and Jerry Stahl.

Jim Isaac directed Skinwalkers and Jason X. He started his career in the Lucasfilm creature shop on Return of the Jedi, then worked with Chris Walas at CWI designing, building, and puppeteering on the films Gremlins, Romancing the Stone, and Enemy Mine, among others. He did creature effects on David Croneberg’s The Fly (which won an Academy Award), was project supervisor on Naked Lunch, and visual and special effects supervisor on eXistenZ.

Robert Mailer Anderson is the author of the best-selling novel "Boonville." At age fifteen he became a contributor to the radical newsweekly The Anderson Valley Advertiser  where his uncle, Bruce Anderson, is editor and publisher.  He has also written fiction in Christopher Street, San Francisco Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Encore, and The San Francisco Examiner, among other publications. His short story, "Briley Boy," was included in the anthology San Francisco Noir.

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