Camille 2000

Jul 17 - Jul 23, 2009

(Radley Metzger, Italy/France, 1969, 35mm, 115 min)

Originally X-rated, legendary “art film” director Radley Metzger's version of Dumas' Camille is a stylish work of 60s erotic cinema that sets a succession of parties and lovemaking amidst the opulent palaces of Rome. The film stars the beautiful Daniele Gaubert and Nino Castelnuovo, and features bubble furniture, mirrored dresses and a classic, ethereal-yet-funky lounge score by Piero Piccioni. The film opened in New York on July 16th, nearly 40 years ago to the day of our weeklong engagement.

"Sexadelic delight!" -Seattle PostGlobe

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