In a Dream

Jun 13 - Jun 18, 2009

(Jeremiah Yaches, USA, 2008, DVCAM, 78 Min)

Seattle Premiere

This loving, complex portrait of risk-taking septuagenarian artist Isaiah Zegar and his wife Julia, directed by their son Jeremiah, explores the obsessive passion that possesses Isaiah to create 50,000 square foot mosaic murals in their south Philadelphia neighborhood. Isaiah's single-minded, narcissistic and unstable personality takes its toll on his wife and his family. Visually stunning and emotionally raw, In A Dream presents a world of chaotic extremes. The art is nothing short of magnificent—dizzying, reflective towers and wall upon wall of beauty—yet created by an artist living within a stone's throw of insanity and destroying his family. What price art, indeed.

“As a portrait of a sweet but slightly fractured man, it’s one of the most unexpectedly touching documentaries I’ve ever seen." —Cinematical

Watch the trailer:

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